The Church Saint-André-de-Bâgé

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A Bell Tower miraculously saved

The interest of the church lies in its splendid octagonal Bell-Tower on the double floor which was miraculously saved from the destruction. The sans-culotte loaded its demolition by the revolutionary Albitte would be is dead falling from its scale.

Brief summary of history

The construction of the Church of Bagé is due to the Lords of Bâgé, she received their burials. The last Guy, father of Sybille descendant, was buried in 1268. After the departure of monks in the 12th century, the decline which ensued until the French Revolution and the damage caused by the latter, resulted in the disappearance of graves. However there are other amazing tombstones which one bears a circular epitaph or yet another so-called "Tomb of the executioner" with a huge knife and an axe.

The treasure of the Templars?

Saint-André-de-Bâgé was a commandery of the Knights Templar. She had considerable funding. It is CA. 1120 that Knights of the temple settled near the capital of Bresse, in Bâgé-le-Châtel. After the trial of the Templars, it passed, like all the other houses, to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. Saint-André-de-Bâgé, there is a place called 'Treasure'. Where this legend of the hidden treasures: Saint-André Chacolla therefore a treasure of the Knights Templar?

Useful information :

Address :
Provincial road 28,01380 Saint-André-de-Bâgé
Tel :
33 (0) 3 85 30 56 66

Opening hours :
Free visit: key available at the House next door.
Adult: €2 children: €0.50

Good to know :
Mayor of Saint-André-de-Bâgé 716, Grande Rue - 01380 Saint-André-de-Bâgé Tel. 33 (0) 3 85 51 46 10

Free of charge.

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