La Garde-Adhémar

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La Garde-Adhémar, 'most beautiful Villages of France ".

Labeled «Plus Beaux Villages de France», the village of La Garde-Adhémar has retained its medieval structure. The village is enclosed in ramparts from the thirteenth century on the edge of a rocky outcrop overlooking the Rhône Valley.

Brief summary of history

This is probably only from the XIth century that was implanted by the Adhémar la Garde castrum. In the XVIth century, Antoine Escalin, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal galleys, had built a magnificent Renaissance Castle. It was dismantled after 1810.

The life of the village La Garde-Adhémar was punctuated for centuries by agricultural and craft activities. The rural exodus accelerated the decline of the perched village where many houses are abandoned. Since the 1960s, the development of nuclear activities in Tricastin has attracted a new population causing a former habitat rehabilitation and the development of subdivisions.

The discreet charm of La Garde Adhemar

The visitor may like to browse the narrow streets and discover the former habitat of the village of La Garde-Adhémar. Homes where built in local limestone essentially lived in by peasant were modest in size and grew in height. The houses were, over time, heavily reworked.

The Parvis of the Church, you can discover the magnificent panorama of the Donzère tap northward to Bollène in the South as well as the foothills of the mountains of the Vivarais.

Religious monuments

St Michael's Church
St Michael's Church is a jewel of Roman XIIth century art. It is one of the most beautiful in the region with a harmony of forms, a balance of volumes and discretion in the decoration. Very rare in France, the presence of a Western apse and inside the high elevation of the nave.

The chapel of the Penitents
The chapel of the Penitents was built in 1630 in special houses which have itselve lived in a stately building. The Western Wall has preserved a remarkable window of the XIIth century.

The garden of herbs

Classified «Remarkable garden» the garden of herbs cultivated several hundred species of medicinal and aromatic plants on 3'000 m² terraces. The garden of medicinal plants is at the first level. Arranged in squares, plants are classified by theme according to usage: respiratory tract, digestive system, nervous system.

The Valley of the nymphs

2 kilometres from La Garde-Adhémar, Val des Nymphes is an island of coolness, it is impregnated with mysteries. Already in ancient times,nymphs were invoked to celebrate the cult of fertility and prosperity. Since the High Middle Ages until the XIIIth century, important habitat as well as four churches occupied this site.

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