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A 360 ° panorama

The village of Gassin offers an exceptional panorama on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the massif des Maures. It is labeled "Most beautiful Village of France" for its architectural and historical heritage, the ancient ramparts of the 13th century, churches and alleys with pastel-coloured walls.

Brief summary of history

The name of the commune comes from "Sinus Guardia" (the guardian of the Gulf) as he was monitoring the coastline. He could give warning of invasion of the pirates. Gassin is an old village of Ligurian, Roman and Saracen. It was occupied by the Moors until the 10th century. In the 11th century Gassin was fief of the Abbey Saint-Victor de Marseille.

The two villages of Gassin

The names of the streets of the village of Gassin are themselves symbols of the history of the commune. The Passage of the Watchtower, the door of Saracens, the Rue du Fort, the Passage of the Knights Templar are references to a turbulent past. A curiosity is the be, one of the smallest streets in the world that leaves pass only one person at a time. There are still a dozen antique doors built in serpentine or basalt. The Green serpentine and basalt are volcanic rocks extracted from local quarries. These doors are dated from the 15th to the 17th centuries.

At the end of the 1980s, the heart of the village of Gassin yet for the benefit of the plain. In order to revive the village, the François Spoerry architect designed an extension of the village of Gassin with detached houses and apartment buildings. He is known worldwide for its realization of the marina of Port-Grimaud.

See also in Gassin

  • The door Sarrasine was one of the entrances to the medieval walls. Access to the village was defended by a wooden door and a Saracen called Harrow.
  • The Town Hall of Gassin was built in 1584, it included only one piece.
  • Less than 300 metres from the village, the Brulatsur mill which still exists as the tower. There are superb views of the village.
  • The Romanesque chapel of our Lady of Consolation is in the midst of a wooded area. It served as parish until the mid 16th century.

The Côtes de Provence

As most common of the peninsula, Gassin has been able to remain faithful to its viticulture. The vineyard is protected by hills. The Côtes de Provence appellation wines are renowned.

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