The castle of Suze-la-Rousse

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A duality between military and civil architecture

The castle of Suze-la-Rousse throne on its rocky promontory in the heart of the vineyards of the Côtes-du-Rhône. It dominates Suze-la-Rousse, a castral village whose stone houses huddle at the foot of the ramparts of the Castle. The landscape offers this typical natural variety of the Drôme provençale. A part of the Castle houses the University of wine which develops awareness raising and training in oenology.

Brief summary of history

The castle of Suze-la-Rousse was transformed and supplemented on several occasions from the simple wood to current building Tower. It presents a stunning duality between a military architecture and civil architecture. His appearance is that of a medieval fortress designed to withstand military sieges.

But behind its aspect of military fortress, the Castle let you discover a pleasure residence. Its courtyard is one of the finest examples in France of a court Italian arches. The main rulers were the Princes of Orange. It is in 1173 Tiburge of Orange marrying Bertrand I of Baux, brings in dowry the land of Suze.

From the 16th to the 18th century family of Baume-Suze embellishes the castle of sumptuous way: decorations painted, a monumental fireplace of the 16th century and the large monumental staircase. Also arms rooms and dining areas decorated with gypsery (18th).

A rich itinerary of visit

A double run develops over the rooms with a contemporary museography. The part devoted to the history of the castle of Suze-la-Rousse strives to show the evolution of the castle of the middle ages to the abode of pleasure of the Renaissance. It presents various owners that have occupied him (of the Lords of the marquise de Bryas leases) and highlights the architecture and scenery painted or carved.

The Park of the Castle

In the heart of a 23-hectare park called "La Garenne", the garden of vineyards presents more than 70 from grapes of the main vineyards in the world. There is also Mediterranean species, such as Oaks, pine parasols and Montpellier Maple. In the heart of the Park, built remains testify to the different ages of the site: a buried ancient design cooler, chapelle Saint-Michel of the 17th century and a set of Palm built in the 16th century.

The routes passing through this place

Useful information :

Address :
La Garenne,26790  Suze-la-Rousse
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+ 33 (0) 4 75 04 81 44

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€3.50 visiting free 4.50 with a guide

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Open from 10 h to 12 h 30 and 14 h to 18 h (10 h / 18 h non-stop in July/August) throughout the year.

Free of charge. Guided tour.

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