The Château de Puilaurens

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The Château de Puilaurens

There is by far the enclosure embattled four towers defending the approaches to the Dungeon of the Cathar Castle of Puilaurens. A ramp cut baffles leads to the main gate and leads to a kind of reduced oblique crenellated converging towards the entrance. The Court is surrounded by crenellated curtain where short the chemin de ronde. A Postern in the Southeast to win a rocky spout from which the view emerges on the North walls, inaccessible, on the Bugarach peak and the Valley of the Boulzane.

Brief summary of history

Puilaurens Castle name appears for the first time in 958. The first Castellan of Puilaurens is Pierre Catala in 1217. In 1229, Guillaume de Peyrepertuse is the head of the castle of Puilaurens.

Cathar is known only for the role of refuge of the castle during the crusade against the Albigensians. The fortress never fell into the hands of Simon de Montfort.

Around 1250, the Castle passed into the hands of the French royalty. Louis IX ordered to fortify the Castle. St. Louis made him strengthen to defend against Spanish incursions Languedoc. The Treaty of Corbeil in 1258 passes the castle of Puilaurens ranked the fortresses of defense against Aragon. It was then part of the "five sons of Carcassonne" with the castles of Quéribus, Peyrepertuse, terms and Aguilar, all located at the top of "stunning" rocky peaks.

The Castle will withstand several Aragonese attacks and will remain as the most southern of France fortress. The Château de Puilaurens is gradually abandoned from the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659, which fixed the Franco-Spanish border at the level of the Pyrenean peaks.  It was finally abandoned during the French Revolution.

The visit of the Castle

The visit of the castle of Puilaurens begins with the discovery of a botanical trail that winds its way to the foot of the fortress. Having had a leading role in the defence of the former Aragonese border, the Castle offers the entire directory of military architecture from the middle ages.

It consists of two twin speakers: the first revolves around a large courtyard. the second, smaller, includes a quadrangular Tower. The whole was defended by four round towers. The imposing walls of Puilaurens are mainly distinguished by the remains of its way round and its aliasing.

The monument reveals three construction campaigns: around the novel primitive donjon were 'french' buildings dated from the second half and the end of the 13th century. The 17th century saw the addition of secondary defences.

The routes passing through this place

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The Château de Puilaurens is part of the road of Cathar castles.

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