The Monts d ' Arrée

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An almost unreal landscape of Moors and rocks

Within the Parc Naturel Regional of Armorica, the Monts d ' Arrée are an impressive, almost unreal landscape where Heather, gorse and rocky crests mingle with loss of sight. There is the largest set of Atlantic moors of France covering more than 10'000 hectares.

Brief summary of history

Tourism development in the region of the monts d ' Arrée made very quickly: from the second half of the 19th century Huelgoat, nicknamed «the breton Fontainebleau» attracts tourists.

Some authors, such as Jean Markale, believe that the monts d ' Arrée could be the "Gäste country" that the Knights of the Round Table crossed in their quest for the Holy Grail, but it is in the realm of poetry. Thus, the Huelgoat forest is one of the remains of the legendary Brocéliande forest. Several sites will bear the mark of King Arthur: the cave of Arthus, Arthus camp.

The Monts d ' Arrée

It is conquered by the impressive views offer the monts d ' Arrée over the whole surrounding region. At an altitude of 384 metres, the Roc'h Trevezel with its rocky ridges cut to the very original forms presents a remarkable panorama of the surrounding area.

Other well-known peaks are the mont Saint-Michel de Brasparts and the Roc'h Tredudon. Their foot Yeun Elez, an area of marshes and bogs, it is a high place of the legendary breton.

Pleyben lies a remarkable pens parish (1555), it is the most imposing of Brittany.

Flanked on a barren hilltop, the chapel of Saint-Michel de Brasparts, dedicated to the Archangel saint Michel, date of 1672. The view is worth the ascent of the many steps that lead there. Nearby, the churchyard of Sizun and the baroque altarpiece of Commana are worth a visit.

The rocks of Cragou, a natural paradise

The Cragou rocks are the last Virgin place of any human intervention in Brittany. A landscape of wild bogs, the enigmatic landes ranked 'outstanding space'. Trails in trails one arrives at the high rocks of the Cragou of 283 metres.

In the heart of an area of wild bogs, nature is still intact, preserved by the hand of man, and the fauna and flora ruled without sharing. We therefore enjoy landscape in silence and entertainment it offers on the whole of the monts d ' Arrée.

The CHOW House

The CHOW House is placed in the heart of the village of Saint-Rivoal. Built in 1702 by an easy peasant named Yvon Cornec, this House is representative of the rural architecture of the region, with its apotheiz (Advanced House), its dirt, his reconstituted management floor and exterior staircase. It housed under the same roof of men and animals. There are still nearby a bread oven, a laundry and a fountain. The collection of furniture of the 18th century in the vicinity of Saint-Rivoal allowed to reconstruct the Interior of this rich peasant House.

Ecomuseum of the Monts d ' Arrée - House CHOW, 29190 Saint-Rivoal - Tel. + 33 (0) 2 98 68 85 51.

Kerouat Mills

At the bottom of Valley, the hamlet of Kerouat Mills was built from 1610. This village of Millers, uninhabited since 1965, it reflects what was the rural life of the past by reviving the faggot family daily life. It is both a place of memory and walk. The two water mills are surrounded two houses furnished housing, two bakeries, stables, stables, barns, an orchard, a vegetable garden, woodlots and samples of cultures.

A tannery from Lampaul-Guimiliau as well as a replica of a windmill of Cap Sizun, have been implemented on the site, they provide information on craft techniques related to the life of the region.

Ecomuseum of Monts d ' Arrée - Kerouat Mills, 29450 Commana - phone + 33 (0) 2 98 68 87 76.

The Safaripark de Menez Meur

Menez Meur Wildlife Park is located in the heart of the Monts d ' Arrée at Hanvec. This 680-hectare site is a real Conservatory of breton heritage. The field of Menez Meur is responsible for the preservation and management of natural spaces characteristic of the Monts d ' Arrée.

Its role is to inform public of wildlife animals wild boar, domestic deer and regional breeds low numbers such as the Breton Pie Noir, the breton horse cow or even sheep of Ushant. The Park also allows to discover itineraries with remarkable landscapes.

Safaripark de Menez Meur - Domaine de Menez Meur, 29460 Hanvec - Tel. + 33 (0) 2 98 68 81 71.

Hiking trails

The monts d ' Arrée are traversed by hiking trails edited by two separate entities:

  • The French hiking federation offers two great hiking trails, the 37 GR and GR 380, entitled 'Tower of the Monts d ' Arrée'.
  • The regional natural park of Armorique offers theme trails to discover this part of the natural park.

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