The Huelgoat forest

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One of the most beautiful sites of inner Brittany

Located in the Armorica Regional nature park, Huelgoat is a site of outstanding natural beauty, the town is situated on the edge of a 15-hectare pond that flows into the river of money. It is one of the most beautiful sites of the Inland Brittany with the picturesque rocks of the Chaos of the mill at the edge of a forest of 600 hectares.

Brief summary of history

The importance of Huelgoat was probably first military order. Since antiquity, the camp of Artus, a Celtic oppidum, was the most important Gallic camp. It was used after the Roman conquest by the legions of César. During the middle ages, Huelgoat is part of the territory of the Dukes of Brittany and then of the Kingdom of France.

The tourist vocation of Huelgoat does not date from yesterday, the first English come many at the beginning of the last century, attracted by the natural beauty of the site.


In the town of Huelgoat include some monuments classified as historic monuments: Chapel Notre-Dame-des-heaven, the Church Saint-Yves de Huelgoat (1591), the mill of the chaos and the place Aristide Briand.

Also Artus camp, a Gallic fortress with the oppidum and its wall pregnant are still very visible. And the menhirs of Kerampaulven and Kerlescun.

The Huelgoat forest

The forest of Huelgoat, planted mainly of Oaks and beeches extends over 1'000 hectares. It houses a remarkable granitic chaos in the Valley of the river of silver. In particular the Chaos du Moulin, a dominant granite blocks pile the bed of the river of money. Also discover the cave of the devil, scrapie rock violet a huge block of 100 tonnes, the alley, the threesome of the Virgin, the cave of the devil, the mare wild boars, the cave of Artus, the abyss, and the mare aux Fées.

The Poerop arboretum

The Poerop of 22 hectare arboretum houses 3600 species of shrubs and trees under threat from the five continents. Is a collection of eucalyptus of the Australian bush, a bamboo grove, of rose gardens and a garden of therapeutic plants.

Some legends around Huelgoat

The forest of Huelgoat is the cradle of many Celtic legends:

  • The chaos of the mill would be the work of Gargantua: the irascible giant threw blocks of stone to get revenge on the poor reception of the inhabitants of the Huelgoat.
  • The chaos of the Huelgoat: Another legend explains the origin of the chaos of the Huelgoat: it may result from a dispute between residents of the two villages of Plouyé and of Huelgoat, the inhabitants of the two villages would be battered by giant stones, and lack of force sufficient, these stones would be fallout in Midway, where chaos.
  • The cave of Artus ensures the rest of Arthur, King of the Bretons and his camp (the camp of Artus), maybe will you find the famous treasure that Merlin the magician had entrusted here to the guardian spirits?
  • The legend of the cave of the Devil: a revolutionary of Berrien fled would be to escape the Chouans and would have lit a bonfire to escape the cold. He wore a hat with red feathers and held a hand fork when the Chouans entered the cave. They would have believed the appearance of the devil and have fled shouting "to hell".

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