The Park of the Radome

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The Park of the Radome

Pleumeur-Bodou is known worldwide since the commissioning of the space communications centre and its famous Radome which served to transmit the first images television satellite. This historic site is today called "The Park of the Radome" and includes several major actors of the scientific culture and family tourism in Brittany.

The Park of the Radome offers three independent attractions: the city of telecommunications and its radome, the planetarium of Brittany and the Gaulish village. A price of entry to each attraction or a ticket - Pass Park of the Radome.

The city of Telecoms

The city of Telecom is the largest European Park on an area of 3000 m2 devoted to telecommunications. On view adventure of telecommunications from its beginnings to today in a living museum offering interactive shows, expos and workshops.

The 50 meters high giant Radome, 64 metres in diameter and 200 meters in circumference is classified under the title of the historical monuments and labeled "20th century heritage. It houses a telecommunications antenna that allowed the first experience of mondovision with video transmission live between the United States and Europe in 1962.

The Brittany Planetarium

The Planetarium offers a journey through space with ultra-high definition images projected in 360 ° under a dome screen. A discovery of our universe: the planets of the solar system, stars, galaxies, the origin and evolution of the universe.

Village Gaulois

Village Gaulois is not that of the famous Asterix, but a faithful reconstruction of a Gallic village that allows to discover the Celtic people and practise of family games. Organized humanitarian, it sensitizes also to the current situation of black Africa, especially of Togo as a part of the profits funds Togolese schools.

Useful information :

Address :
Route of the Radome,22560 Pleumeur-Bodou
Tel :
+ 33 (0) 2 96 23 91 47

Prices :
Ticket-Pass the Radome Park

Free of charge.

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