The pointe du Raz

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The pointe du Raz

The famous pointe du Raz with its form of bow jutting into the sea of Iroise in fact one of the most emblematic places of the coast of Brittany. From the top of the 72 metre cliff the view of the surroundings is superb, especially on the island of Sein lying just in front.

It is a tourist place of international notoriety, labeled «Grand Site de France», it annually attracts close to a million tourists. The pointe du Raz is one of the best-selling Bretagne postal cards.

Brief summary of history

The wild beauty of the Pointe du Raz has inspired many writers such as Victor Hugo and Gustave Flaubert. By their accounts, they have contributed to the international renown of this place from the end of the world. At the end of the 19th century, interest in the resorts, the emergence of rail transport and automotive promote displacement of the first wealthy tourists who discover the Pointe du Raz.

The myth of the Pointe du Raz moved slowly, making this outcrop of granite, an unmissable travellers attracted by the natural curiosities and thus discovering the French regions. Therefore, the first tourist facilities appear.

Circuits and excursions

The site can be visited freely or guided tour with several proposed routes:

  • "Raz tale me the tip" (1 h 30): a path to discover the heritage of the pointe du Raz.
  • The trail of goblins (1 h 30): a playful journey for children.
  • The treasures of the Bay (1 h 30): discovery of the baie des Trepasses.
  • The Tower of the pointe du Raz (8 km, 2 hours): departing from the House of the Site of the Pointe du Raz, the circuit along partly the pointe du Raz and leads to the encounter of several sites (baie des Trepasses, statue of Notre-Dame-des-Naufragés, port Bestrée and chapelle Saint-Michel).

The pointe du Van

The beauty of the site is reinforced by those of the near sides that curve to the North along a wide sandy beach at the bottom of the baie des Trepasses which is closed by a massive promontory known as the pointe du Van above which can be seen the immense Bay of Douarnenez which the input is bounded by the cap de la Chèvre even higher and more massive. To the South stretches the Bay of Audierne.

6 kilometers, the pointe du Van is the little sister of the pointe du Raz, both are guardians of the Bay of the dead. She was more saved than its predecessor, and some prefer the more natural side, less ravaged by the vagaries of mass tourism.

The routes passing through this place

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