The manoir de l'Automobile

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The manoir de l'Automobile

The Manoir de l'Automobile is a museum devoted primarily to the history of the automobile and the trades of yesteryear, it is located in Lohéac in Ille-et-Vilaine. It is one of the most beautiful french museums devoted to the history of the automobile in the world. It also has a motor racing circuit in outdoor 2.5 kilometres in length.

The collection of vehicles

Michel Hommell, a collector fascinated by cars, to brings together a collection of 400 models of vehicles of different eras and nationalities. It traces a century of automobile history on 14'000 m2 of exhibition. The collection is organized according to the categories of vehicles and their time. Vehicles differ between models of sport, competition, luxury, family and utility.

Exposure of vehicles dedicated spaces dedicated to iconic models of the automobile industry: spaces Ferrari, Alpine-Renault and Lamborghini.

The last wing of the Manoir de l'Automobile reproduces a pole position at formula 1 racing grid, which includes vehicles having driven by famous pilots of competition, such as Jean Alesi or Alain Prost.

Other exhibitions

The Manoir de l'Automobile also brings other exhibitions. The collection on the trades of yesteryear with a dozen of staged was faithfully carried out with mannequins in period clothing and old objects.

A space is devoted to horse-drawn vehicles, with the number 50 in the Manor. All of the Manoir de l'Automobile is decorated by a large collection of miniatures, which has nearly 3,000 objects models and models in any kind.

The chapel of motors presents old engines and a garage and a service station are restored.

Useful information :

Address :
4 rue Neuve Court,35550 Lohéac
Tel :
+ 33 (0) 2 99 34 02 32

Prices :
Adult: €10 children (ages 10-16): €7

Opening hours :
Museum open all days and holidays from 10 h to 13 h and from 14 h to 19 h, except Monday.

Free of charge.

Where to stay:

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