Cave of Pair-non-Pair

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The cave of Pair-non-Pair

Near the Gironde estuary, the cave of Pair-non-Pair is one of the oldest caves decorated with the world. It contains prehistoric representations dating back 30,000 years (Aurignacian).

Prehistoric occupation of the cave

The first occupation of the cave seems to date back to the mousterian, about 40,000 years ago. To the Gravettian, the bottom of the cave (North Gallery) was reserved for habitat while the walls of the room of engravings are decorated with engraved animal representations (horses, ibex, deer Megaloceros, Mammoths). The cave was abandoned in the Protomagdalenien because the sedimentary deposits accumulated leave little rock high. The cave of Pair-non-Pair delivered 15,000 tools and 6'000 bones spread over 60 animal species.

The rock engravings of animals

The visit of the cave to perfectly distinguish ten carvings of animals. The choice of the animals depicted in the cave of Pair-non-Pair obeys codes that escape us; We note that small animals and birds are absent, while carnivores are represented only by a few bears and a feline.

Most of the animals engraved on the walls of the cave are represented by pair. Thus, there are two mammoth, two aurochs seeming face to face challenge, a deer facing a DOE, two horses side by side. One of these horses, nicknamed the Agnus Dei, is represented by three front quarters with the return head to rump, giving an impression of movement.

Finally, figure in the room of engravings representing a megaloceros which was the largest deer of all time. It looked like a large deer with the wood up to 3.50 metres from one end to another. There are in the world than twelve parietal representations of megaloceros.

Useful information :

Address :
Way to Pair non-Pair,33710 Prignac-and-Marcamps
Tel :
+ 33 (0) 5 57 68 33 40

Prices :
Adults: €7.50 children (less than 18 years): free

Opening hours :
Open every day except Monday, June 15 to September 15, visits to 10 h, 11.15, 14.30, 15.30, 4.30 pm 5.30 pm 16 September to 14 June, visits to 10 h, 11.15, 14.30, 16 h

Good to know :
Duration of the visit 1 hour. The cave being small, the number of visitors is limited to 18 people per group and prior reservation is required.

Guided tour.

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