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A top holiday resort

Arcachon is located south of the bassin d'Arcachon, the town is arranged around a beautiful beach of sandy resort Mecca, the city d'Arcachon winter evokes rich hours worldly of the XIXe century through a series of architectures inspired neoclassical, NeoGothic, Swiss chalet, the colonial House or Moorish architecture styles.

Brief summary of history

The story of Arcachon was always closely linked to the sea. Before even that Arcachon is erected in town, it was appreciated for the quality of its climate. In 1823 François Legallais opens an establishment of sea bathing to a wealthy clientele. But the fate of the city was especially marked by the Pereire brothers, wealthy bankers and owners of the railway between Bordeaux and La Teste. They decided to extend the line to Arcachon with the idea of making this place a harbour and commercial pole.

This dual role is responsible for the division of Arcachon in two cities: the city of summer along the Bay and the city of winter perched on the dune overlooking Arcachon. The vogue of the sea bathings attracts Arcachon a colony of Highnesses and lyrical artists and celebrities, Royals, large families, of men of letters.

The town of summer

Both relaxed in the terraces of the restaurants of seafood, worldly in his casino or sports during the regatta sailing, the town of summer, which occupies a central position along the sea between the Chapel and pier of Eyrac. Pier Thiers (pier for the boat trips in the bassin d'Arcachon) has retained its retro style. Share and other walkers flock early in the evening.

The city of winter

High-place of resort, the town of winter d'Arcachon evokes the rich worldly hours of the past through a series of architectures inspired neoclassical, neo-Gothic styles, the Swiss chalet, the colonial House or Moorish architecture. The names of the houses (La Joconde, Figaro, fantasy, Le Moulin, Nitouche and Madeleine) mark their time.

Tourist places

  • Bassin d'Arcachon is a form of anse quasi-clos maritime site that borders the dune of Pilat. The port of Arcachon is the second port of the Atlantic.
  • The Pereire beach is equipped with maritime gardens, lawns, walks and paths that lead to the Moulleau district.
  • The Château Deganne 1853 houses the casino from the beach.
  • The Museum aquarium of Arcachon. Found all the fauna of the Arcachon basin and the nearby Ocean in this museum-Aquarium located along Beach.
  • The chapel of the sailors is a place of worship whose walls are covered with votive offerings, donations of the sailors rescued from the waters.
  • The point of the sting is a district of Arcachon in the typical style of fishing villages.

The routes passing through this place

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Tourist Office of Arcachon Esplanade Georges Pompidou, 33120 Arcachon Tel. + 33 (0) 5 57 52 97 97

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