Fléchères Castle

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Fléchères Castle

The castle of Fléchères was made famous by the film "The Devil by the tail", which was shot in 1968 with Madeleine Renaud and Yves Montand. During the visit of the Castle one can admire great carved fireplaces, the stairway to empty cage, the richly furnished apartment with Louis XV panelling and old kitchens in working condition.

Brief summary of history

Between 1610 and 1616, on the site of a fortified house which defended a Ford over the Saône, Jean de Seve built the Castle. In 1820, a landscaped park is arranged. Anecdotally, the Castle becomes the property in 1972 to one of the hoodlums of the Gang des Lyonnais, Emilee Chavelnote. He embarks on major restoration work. He organized a large inauguration evening, with a great sound and light show, the festival will bring together hundreds of mobsters and so many police officers!

The decorations painted by Pietro Ricchi

In 1632, the painter Pietro Ricchi, arrived from Tuscany, has a surprisingly varied decoration. It exceeds anything known in France at this time, by its quality, its extent and its state of conservation. The use of an Italian artist, the process retained (paint "fresco") very frequent in Italy, but rare in France and the magnitude of the command (all rooms) is probably due to the desire to reaffirm the Italian origin of the SAP family.

A park with ancient trees

In the English landscape garden replanted circa 1820, there are remains a classical park, destroyed during the Revolution to put the grounds in culture a lage thicket of boxwood in labyrinth and alignments of limes and charms. The plane trees planted at the time of the Restoration increased in spledid scale (almost 40 meters high), as well as the cypressesbld people a the edge of the pond.  One can walk easily on 35 hectares in a charming nature to enjoy beautiful views of the Castle mounts from the Beaujolais mountains.

Useful information :

Address :
Fléchères alley,01480 Fareins
Tel :
33 (0) 4 74 67 86 59

Prices :
Adults €8 children (8 to 17 years) €4

Opening hours :
Opening periods: Sunday March 24, 2013: 2 pm to 5 pm.
From March 30 to June 30: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
From 1 July to 31 August: every day without exception.
From 1 September to 11 November: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Good to know :
The apartments visit lasts an hour.
Visitors to the castle can walk freely in the Park.

Free of charge.

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