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Desarzens, Victor
27.10.1908, Castle-in Oex - 13.2.1986, Aran (Vaud)
© Dictionnaire historique de la Suisse, Berne. Rédaction Pio Pellizzari

Victor Desarzens

Studies of violin and musical theory to the academy of Lausanne, diploma in concert in 1925. Collaboration with Georges Enesco. After a short passage to the Orchestra of the French-speaking Switzerland , Desarzens founded a quartet and a trio with his/her Georges brother and gave concerts of chamber music with the Alfred Cortot pianist.


For Radio operator Lausanne, it created in 1941 a unit which gave its first concerts in 1942, the Chamber orchestra of Lausanne. Chief of Musikkollegium de Winterthour since 1950.


Desarzens presented works of Swiss and contemporary composers - in particular Frank Martin, with whom it was dependant of friendship - in Switzerland and abroad, in particular with the World Fair of Brussels in 1958.



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